The Fibre Crops Directorate is a Directorate under the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) with the mandate and responsibility to oversee the Regulation, Development and Promotion of Fibre crops. Through the provisions of the AFA Act (Act No. 13 of 2013), Crops Act (Act 16 of 2013) and other relevant laws and regulations as well as partnerships with other public and private institutions, Fibre Crops Directorate continues to facilitate the industry within the context of its Mission, Vision, Core Values and set service delivery standards.

Fibre crops directorate creats an environment conducive for vibrant private sector participation in the development of the subsector. It promotes, coordinates, directs and regulates the production, processing and marketing of cotton and sisal. It promotes Fibre Crops production system that is sustainable through adoption of better crop production principles that emphasize on integrated crop management, efficient water use, soil management and decent work conditions. It participates in negotiations aimed at increasing consumption of Kenyan cotton and sisal and other value added fibre products to promote integration of the value chain. Fibre Crops Directorate is continuously improving its information system network to facilitate public access to information and data including automation of service delivery processes to improve efficiency and speed for informed decision making by stakeholders. Fibre Crops Directorate ensures efficient and effective inspections of cotton and sisal and in the enforcement of fibre crops standards. For purposes of regulations, the Crops (Cotton and Sisal) Regulations, 2013 replaces the Cotton (General) Regulations, 2007. Today considerable compliance has been achieved in areas of; cash on delivery, guiding price, use of buying centres, licensing of buyers, ginners, agents and classification.