1. Registration and Licensing of dealers along the fibre value chains;
  2. Compliance monitoring inspections/audits of Fibre Dealers based on the Fibre standards and codes of practice;
  3. Surveillance inspections on illegal and unregistered traders along border points and in the major towns in the country,
  4. Development and review of Fibre Standards and the Industry Codes of Practice in collaboration with Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).
  5. Capacity building of County Government officers on matters relating to regulations and compliance to ensure effective discharge of duties.
  6. Participation in codex committee meetings on matters related to agricultural policies, standards and fibre trade locally and internationally,
  7. Checking and evaluation of conformity of the fibre imports or exports with national regional and international standards;
  8. Holding of information exchange forums with stakeholders along the Fibre value chains on matters of interest;
  9. To enforce compliance with regulations and standards for conformity to product quality;
  10. To enhance compliance to local, regional and international standards; and
  11. To promote self-regulation among the various categories of dealers along the value chain in line with relevant regulations.