• Develop appropriate market research and product development
  • Undertaking Trade, marketing and promotion programmes
  • Identify opportunities for new and existing markets
  • -Monitor agricultural imports, exports and domestic sales activities
  • Guide and advise the authority on product and market trends
  • Conduct regular market research
  • Advocate for the rationalization of technical and non-technical barriers to agriculture food crops trade.
  • Review and implement market development strategy
  • Increase competitiveness of Kenyan fibre products in medium and low end markets.
  • Enhance export readiness for stakeholders with focus on SMEs.
  • Establish and enforce standards in grading, sampling and inspection, tests and analysis, specifications, units of measurements, code of practice and packaging, preservation, conservation and transportation of fibre and fibre crops products to ensure health and proper trading.
  • Enhance visibility of Kenyan products through branding